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To regain power over your numbers and become a hairdresser extraordinaire.

The tools of the extraordinary salon

Appointments & Bookings

Make sure your agenda is always full and organised
Let your customers enjoy an extraordinary salon experience and increase productivity with an all-in-one solution that turns the “holes” (empty spaces) in your agenda into a thing of the past.
Reach your customers wherever they are
Give your customers the freedom to book services, consult upcoming appointments, manage their subscriptions and packages anywhere, anytime and from any device.
Upselling and selling products in real time
Allow your customers to purchase prepaid cards, packages and products from any device. With push-news, notify current promotions to upsell and increase your customers' average spend.
Independently ensure customer loyalty
How? Customers can add products to their shopping carts, make payments and request new appointments, all from their smartphones and in a few simple clicks, for an extraordinary experience.
Constantly in touch with your customers
Reduce “missed” (or skipped) appointments with automatic appointment reminders sent via app or SMS notifications. It provides customers with easy access to their appointment information. Fill the available spaces by sending targeted promotions via SMS or Whatsapp.

Payments & Invoicing

Simplifies the phase of payment and issuing a commercial document
A faster, high-tech and paperless checkout experience for both customers and staff. Free yourself from low-value added reception activities. Our advanced and reliable technology allows your team to focus on what is important: providing an outstanding service.
An extraordinary customer experience
Your staff have everything they need at their fingertips: they can add services or products to their customers' accounts directly at the chair and control them with just a few “touches” (or taps) on a mobile device.
Real-time reporting
Ensure you always have the numbers you need to choose the right business strategies, with real-time sales reports and automatic reports via App.

Business Intelligence

Enhance your decision-making process with Data Analysis and Reporting
Know exactly how your business is doing with reports and dashboards on finances, team, inventory, customers and more.
From individual Salons to groups of several Salons, GoWeb is designed for growing companies
Access accurate and up-to-date reports and dashboards whenever you need them without having to manually aggregate data. You can filter and obtain the details of data by switching from single-Salon access to multi-Salon access (if you are a Group), and easily isolate any data that you want to specifically examine.
Your business at a glance
Dashboards show who your customers are, how loyal they are, services and products purchased, their average spend, purchasing preferences and appointment bookings, etc.
Team performance report
Track the sales and productivity of each team member. Display the booked services and time commitment of team members. Monitor customer retention, achievement of periodic targets and marketing activities carried out by your team.
Warehouse reporting
Evaluate sales and consumption by producing a report on your products and check the correct efficiency index of your warehouse.

Business Management

Increase operational efficiency with an all-in-one platform to run your business. A stable, simple and scalable solution.

Bookings and appointment management
Appointment management made easy! Simplify booking operations and impress your customers with smart, easy-to-access solutions. Bring your salon into the spotlight with a booking technology that delivers a first-class (front-row) customer experience, automates operations and drives business growth.
One-stop solution
For your team, there is a specific app, to log in and out, get real-time information on productivity, access reports to assess their performance and growth, and tools to manage and monitor the achievement of goals.
A team prepared to take care of the customer
Increase productivity and satisfaction with easy access to everything your team needs to effectively attend to customers and perform daily tasks. This includes information on service details, technical notes and customer preferences, before-and-after photos and purchase history of products and services.
Everything in one place
The App integrates with your appointment book, database, reporting and other functions to create an outstanding experience for your team and customers on any device.

Marketing & Business

Grow your business with marketing activities, reach contacts with targeted and customised campaigns and manage them with just a few clicks on one single platform.

Automated marketing
Reduce the time and expense of planning and executing targeted campaigns and increase revenue in the long run.
More revenue from upselling
Increase average customer spending with product and service offers in line with their preferences. It also helps the team to upsell and resell products more effectively during the customers’ visits.
Simplified sales process
Optimise your customer management and save time by analysing their profile, which contains all the details you need at all times to ensure customer loyalty and an outstanding customer experience.
Communicating is simple
Set up e-mails and SMS and Whatsapp texts to be sent to customers according to their profile and involve the team when a new opportunity arises to act upon.

Mobile Apps

Cutting-edge mobile solutions for hairdressing salons, intuitive and flexible operation for your customers and staff.

For your team

Increase productivity, staff satisfaction by giving your employees “fingertip” access to everything they need to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

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In the GoManager App, each team member can:

  • Check their productivity through reports
  • Manage customers in the salon
  • View their appointments
  • Have the path to sales and marketing targets at their fingertips
  • Access training resources
  • Receive news
  • Record incomes and outgoings
  • (receive information on the status of the salon's fiscal device)

For your customers

Create a seamless path that gives customers access to your salon, services and products anywhere, anytime and on any device.

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With the GoBooking App, customers can:

  • Make appointments
  • Receive appointment reminders in push mode
  • Buy products 24/7 by choosing salon pick-up or home delivery
  • Buy prepaid cards and packages
  • Check future appointments
  • Monitor prepaid cards and subscriptions
  • Receive push news with salon communications and promotions
  • Register their personal identification card
  • Provide GDPR consent and manage personal data