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What is a Tutor?

Being a BOSS Tutor is a mission. They are highly qualified professional figures who accompany the salon along a path of entrepreneurial growth. The objectives are the correct reading and effective interpretation of salon numbers, effective and targeted marketing, consistent cost management

I am a hairdresser, what do I need numbers for?

Numbers for a salon are like the dashboard for a car. It is unthinkable to drive without having the car's levels under control, just as it is not possible to “drive” a salon without knowing the numbers that define the company's strengths and weaknesses.

If you don't know your numbers, you don't know when, how much and what to buy, you don't know to whom you should address your communications nor whether they are effective, you don't know how much you spend or how much you collect, you don't know your customers, how many they are and how often they visit you.

Is the management system enough for me to make my salon grow?

A management system is a good starting point, but it is usually not enough on its own if you want your salon to achieve excellence. It is necessary not only to know how to use it, but also to make use of the numbers that it can produce.

To do this you may need a professional to help you use both the management system and its numbers.

Why should I choose BOSS?

Boss has 20 years of experience in the industry, has always dealt with hairdressers and cares about their growth and evolution from craftsmen to entrepreneurs.

Boss's first customer was Boss, the Boss team's expertise stems from a passion for business management, data analysis and technological innovation. Boss's strength is its great attention and care for the specific needs of the industry.

Management system

What is the best salon software?
Today's customer expects flexibility and being able to book a service 24/7. The best salon management solutions meet these needs while providing detailed, real-time information on salon and team performance and improving efficiency. From planning to payments to warehouse management, a software must be easy to use and reliable.
What software do salons use?
There are countless salon management system solutions. For maximum success, look for an all-in-one salon management software (i.e. management software must include everything you need) that goes beyond appointment booking and cashier. Consider important additional features that help you manage and expand your salon, such as customer management, marketing, electronic invoicing, numbers control and payments.
How can I make my salon extraordinary?
Salon management requires a high level of organisation to ensure that daily work runs smoothly. Responsibilities include activities such as team planning, finance, salaries, reporting, inventory, customer service and marketing. The salon software automates daily tasks and allows the salon entrepreneur to focus on the bigger picture.
What is appointment booking via APP?
An appointment booking system via APP allows salon customers to request bookings and manage their appointments anytime, anywhere. The salon software allows convenient and secure appointment scheduling via computer, laptop, phone or tablet. It is designed to function as the first point of interaction between your business and your customers. One of the biggest advantages of a salon appointment booking APP is that it makes your business available to your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The GoBooking APP does all this and more, see what it is about (link to relevant page on the site)


How can I do marketing with a management system?
Marketing management is fundamental for any company. A software to manage salon marketing is necessary to understand the preferences and behaviour of your customers and target them with promotions according to their needs, tastes and budget.
GoWeb's Marketing Console is an intuitive tool that provides advanced data analysis to increase sales of products and services. It analyses the purchase history of each guest to ascertain their profile, spending patterns and budget. By using these parameters, it gives the salon team a better understanding of guests' needs and helps them sell both products and services. It prevents salons from engaging in blind marketing campaigns, thus saving time and money. Furthermore, targeted messaging tends to be more successful than general campaigns, resulting in higher revenues.
What marketing services does a salon need?
For the growth of a salon, customer involvement is essential. To increase revenue and sales, it is important to follow the right marketing strategy. Perhaps the greatest requirement for salons is to understand their customers' preference for products and services. This information can be obtained from the customer purchase history, which will be especially useful for improving marketing strategies and providing ideas for targeted and customised campaigns.
What channels do I have available to communicate with GoWeb?
Mainly you can use text messages, e-mails, Whatsapp texts in the BOT or Business version and Telegram Through these channels you can also disseminate your landing pages designed with the GoWeb Landing Page Console tool.


Who can I contact if I need help?
The best way to ask for help is to open a ticket. You can do this within GoWeb or by sending an e-mail to finally from the “Help” page of our website
Do you give courses to help me use GoWeb?
We have countless self-training tools to make GoWeb your daily work companion. From integrated video tutorials to a Wiki that answers all your questions both within GoWeb and on the dedicated Telegram channel. For entrepreneurial and in-depth training on running your salon with the support of GoWeb, there are our Focus and Exclusive courses where you will be accompanied by a personal tutor step by step.